Birth of the Association


The Aberdeenshire & District Football Association was formed in 1887.


The first members were Aberdeen, Orion, Caledonian, Aberdeen Athletic, Aberdeen Rovers, Aberdeen Rangers, Bon Accord, Black Diamond, 

Our Boys, Albert, Rosebery, Britannia, Granite City, Aberdeen City Wanderers and Balmoral.


Dr Maitland Moir, honorary president, presented the Aberdeenshire FA with a cup, which ultimately became the property of Aberdeen FC after their third win in 1890.

Founder Clubs



FORMED:       1881

HISTORY:       Amalgamated with Orion and Victoria United in 1903 to form Aberdeen Football Club.

GROUND:      1881         Aberdeen Links and Hayton, Woodside.

                        1882        Holburn and Aberdeen Grammar School.

                        1884        Recreation Grounds, Inches.

                        1886        Recreation Grounds and Holburn.

                        1887/88  Central Park, Kittybrewster

                        1888/98  Chanonry, Old Aberdeen

                        1898/99  Central Park

                        1899        Pittodrie Park       

COLOURS:     1881         Maroon jerseys and Blue knickerbockers with stripe.

                        1886        Amber and Black jerseys with White knickers.

                        1887        White shirts and Blue or Black Shorts.


GAMES:          11th March 1882

                        Coupar Angus 4, Aberdeen 0 (Aberdeen's first competitive match)


                        5th October 1882

                        Aberdeen 1, Harp (Dundee) 3 (Aberdeen's first Scottish Cup tie)


                        15th January 1886

                        Aberdeen 0, Dumbarton 7 (The first vist to Aberdeen by a club from the Central Belt)


                        5th October 1887

                        Nairn 4, Aberdeen 1 (Aberdeen's first fixture versus a North club)


                        3rd December 1887

                        Aberdeen 11, Albert 0 (Aberdeen's first Aberdeenshire Cup tie)


                        24th March 1888

                        Aberdeen 7, Rangers (Aberdeen) 1 (Aberdeen win the first Aberdeenshire Cup Final)


                        1st January 1889

                        Aberdeen 1, Queens Park 6


                        2nd January 1893

                        Aberdeen 0, Notts County 4


                        7th April 1894

                        Aberdeen 1, Glasgow Rangers 2


                        10th April 1894

                        Aberdeen 1, Sunderland 7


                        29th December 1894

                        Aberdeen 4, Partick Thistle 1


                        23rd September 1895

                        Aberdeen 2, Celtic 3


                        1st May 1899

                         Aberdeen 1, Celtic 5


                        28th April 1900

                        Aberdeen 4, Celtic 0


                        15th April 1902

                        Aberdeen 2, Blackburn Rovers 5


                        11th May 1903

                        Aberdeen 3, Victoria United 1 (Aberdeen's last competitive match before amalgamation)





Home to Aberdeen Football Club for a decade before the site was turned into a botanical garden for the University of Aberdeen in 1898. Ten years earlier almost 4,000 spectators witnessed a Scotland XI defeat an Aberdeen Select 6-1 at this venue.

HONOURS:    Aberdeenshire Cup Winners

                        1887/88, 1888/89, 1889/90, 1897/98, 1901/02


                        Charity Cup Winners



                        Lord Provost Fleming Charity Shield Winners




Photo taken at the Chanonry in January 1898. Given the location of the Cruickshank Building on the left it is evident that the pitch ran parallel to what is now St. Machar Drive.


FORMED:       1885

HISTORY:       Amalgamated with Aberdeen and Victoria United in 1903 to form Aberdeen Football Club.

GROUND:      1885        Recreation Grounds, Duthie Park and Links Park.

                        1888        Central Park.

                        1894        Cattofield (Orion Park).

COLOURS:     1887        Amber jerseys.

                        1888        'Bismark' jerseys also Red & White Stripe Jerseys with Black or Blue Shorts.


GAMES:          31st October 1885

                        Orion 2, Aberdeen 2 (Orion's first match)


                        11th September 1886

                        Arbroath 20, Orion 0 (Orion's first Scottish Cup tie)


                        3rd September 1887

                        Arbroath 18, Orion 0 (Orion's second Scottish tie - a slight improvement on their first!)


                        28th January 1888

                        Aberdeen 6, Orion 1 (Orion make their debut in the Aberdeenshire Cup)


                        18th August 1888

                        Orion 2, Forfar Athletic 11


                        16th February 1889

                        Orion 3, Aberdeen 4 (Orion's first Aberdeenshire Cup Final appearance)


                        11th May 1889

                        Orion 8, City Rangers 1 (Orion win the first Charity Cup Final)


                        7th September 1889

                        Orion 3, Victoria United 1 (Orion's first win in the Scottish Cup)


                        22nd February 1890

                        Orion 3, Aberdeen 8 (Aberdeenshire Cup Final)


                        26th April 1890

                        Orion 2, Aberdeen 1 (Charity Cup Final)


                        14th February 1891

                        Orion 4, Caledonian 1 (Orion win the Aberdeenshire Cup for the first time)


                        1st January 1892

                        Orion 3, East Stirlingshire 6


                        1st October 1892

                        Orion 1, Dunfermline Athletic 1


                        16th September 1893

                        Orion 2, Cowdenbeath 4


                        24th March 1894

                        Orion 3, Montrose 0


                        4th August 1894

                        Orion 2, Dundee 4


                        13th October 1894

                        Orion 3, Inverness Thistle 1


                        18th May 1885

                        Orion 4, Heart of Midlothian 5


                        7th November 1896

                        Orion 1, Motherwell 3


                        30th April 1898

                        Orion 0, Hibernian 1


                        22nd October 1898

                        Orion 5, Raith Rovers 1


                        29th April 1899

                        Orion 7, Elgin City 1


                        27th January 1900

                        Kilmarnock 10, Orion 0


                        7th May 1900

                        Orion 1, Glasgow Rangers 4


                        9th May 1903

                        Orion 5, St. Johnstone 2 (Orion's last competitive match)

HONOURS:    Aberdeenshire Cup Winners

                        1890/91, 1894/95, 1896/97, 1898/99, 1900/01


                        Charity Cup Winners

                        1888/89, 1889/90, 1893/94, 1895/96, 1897/98


                        Gershon Cup Wnners

                        1893/94, 1894/95, 1896/97


                        Rhodesia Cup Winners

                        1898/99, 1899/00, 1901/02


                        Northern League Champions

                        1896/97, 1898/99





Orion officially opened the ground (which was also referred to as 'Orion Park') in 1894, with a friendly match versus Dundee. 


Orion were a dominant force at the end of the 19th Century.



FORMED:       I886

HISTORY:       Caledonian FC joined the Scottish Football Association on their formation demonstrating their ambition to compete at a national

                        level. However, they appear to have gone into abeyance in season 1890/91 with their only recorded fixture being a Scottish Cup

                        tie versus Aberdeen which they scratched from allowing Aberdeen to progress without having kicked a ball. 

GROUND:      Holburn.

COLOURS:     Blue and Black vertically striped jerseys.


GAMES:          13th November 1886

                         Caledonian 5, Britania 0


                        12th February 1887

                        Aberdeen 4, Caledonian 1(The first meeting between the two clubs)


                        3rd December 1887

                        Caledonian 4, Black Diamond 4 (Aberdeenshire Cup - Caledonian failed to appear for the   



                        7th December 1889

                        Orion 8, Caledonian 6 (Aberdeenshire Cup - Caledonian lodged a protest with resulting in a

                         replay which was played  a week later)


                        14th December 1889

                        Orion 8, Caledonian 4


                        22nd November 1890

                        Caledonian 8, Inverurie 0 (Aberdeenshire Cup 3rd Round)


                        17th January 1891

                        Caledonian 11, Stonehaven 0 (Aberdeenshire Cup - Semi Final)


                        14th February 1891

                        Orion 4, Caledonian 0 (Caledonian's one and only Aberdeenshire Cup Final)


                        5th September 1891

                        Aberdeen v Caledonian (Caledonian failed to show for the Scottish Cup 1st Round tie, the

                        last recorded fixture for the side)







GAMES:          1st August 1887

                         Aberdeen Athletic 2, Our Boys' 1


                        8th October 1887

                        Aberdeen 9, Aberdeen Athletic 1(Scottish Cup - 1st Round)     



FORMED:       I884

HISTORY:       Rovers were formed in 1884 but the earliest record of them playing a match was in February 1885 when they played Bon

                        Accord.  They were a fairly prominent club on the local scene initially but went into abeyence at the end of season 1888/89.

COLOURS:     Blue jerseys and White knickers.


GAMES:          7th February 1885

                         Aberdeen Rovers 3, Bon Accord 5


                        12th September 1885

                        Dundee Harp 35, Aberdeen Rovers 0 (This Scottish Cup First Round tie was played on the same day fellow newcomers Bon Accord

                                                                                            went down 36-0 to Arbroath. That crucial 36th goal remains a record and ensured that the

                                                                                            Rovers result would usually be overlooked by football historians)


                        3rd December 1887

                        Port Elphinestone 1, Aberdeen Rovers 10 (Rover's Aberdeenshire Cup debut)


                        3rd Mrch 1888

                        Aberdeen Rovers 1, Aberdeen Rangers 4 (Aberdeenshire Cup - Semi-Final)


                        16th October 1888

                        Union 0, Aberdeen Rovers 15


                        17th November 1888

                        Aberdeen Rovers 4, Aberdeen Rangers 3


                        27th April 1889

                        Orion 4, Aberdeen Rovers 0 (Aberdeenshire Charity Cup - Semi Final)                      




FORMED:       I886 (formerly called Carlton who were formed in 1885)

HISTORY:       Aberdeen Rangers were formed in 1886 having played a handful of games the previous season under the name of Carlton. They

                        competed as City Rangers for two seasons before amalgamating with Granite City in December 1888 to form City Rangers.


COLOURS:     Black and Gold jerseys.


GAMES:          25th September 1886

                        Orion 5, Aberdeen Rangers 2


                        11th December 1886

                        Aberdeen 6, Aberdeen Rangers 0


                        24th March 1888

                        Aberdeen 7, Aberdeen Rangers (Aberdeenshire Cup Final)   



FORMED:       I884

HISTORY:       Bon Accord to this day are still best remembered for their still standing world record defeat for a club when in 1885 they were

                        handed out a 36-0 thrashing in the Scottish Cup at the hands of Arbroath. For many clubs that result would have signalled a very

                        short existance but Bon Accord continued to be a reasonable force in Aberdeenshire until their eventual demise in 1892. Over

                        one hundred years later the name Bon Accord would again feature in the Aberdeen fixture list in the format of a Junior side. The

                        only connection between the two clubs would be in name only and sadly the Junior side are no longer in existance either.


COLOURS:     Black and White striped jerseys and White knickers changing to a Dark Blue "uniform" in 1891.


GAMES:          7th February 1885

                        Aberdeen Rovers 3, Bon Accord 5 (Bon Accord's first recorded game)


                        29th August 1885

                        Bon Accord 0, Aberdeen 5


                        12th September 1885

                        Arbroath 36, Bon Accord 0 (Scottish Cup)   


                        21st September 1889

                        Bon Accord 1, Thistle 0 (Aberdeenshire Cup - 1st Round)


                        19th October 1889

                        Aberdeen Harp 0, Bon Accord 10 (Aberdeenshire Cup 2nd Round)


                        4th April 1891

                        Aberdeen 3, Bon Accord 4






FORMED:       I886

HISTORY:       Whilst formed in 1886, Black Diamond do not appear to have played any games of note until season 1887/89. Their brief flirtation

                        with association football would however only last for two seasons and by season 1890/91 the club had dissapeared into the

                        history books.

COLOURS:     Yellow jerseys.


GAMES:          24th September 1887

                        Orion 5, Black Diamond 0 (Black Diamond's first recorded game)


                        3rd December 1887

                        Caledonian 4, Black Diamond 4 (Aberdeenshire Cup - Caledonian failed to appear for the   



                        29th September 1888

                        Aberdeen 10, Black Diamond 0


                        17th November 1888

                        Black Diamond 5, Albert 2 (Aberdeenshire Cup - 2nd Round)   


                        7th December 1889

                        Black Diamond 10, Stonehaven Primrose 1 (This Aberdeenshire Cup - 4th Round tie was subject to a protest by Stonehaven who

                                                                                                      complained about the ground conditions. The game was replayed the following week and

                                                                                                      ended in a 3-3 draw. The tie was finally decided at the Chanonry on the 28th December

                                                                                                      when the Aberdeen side won 2-0.)


                        8th February 1890

                        Orion 3, Black Diamond 2 (Aberdeenshire Cup - Semi-Final)                   



FORMED:       I886

HISTORY:       Our Boys' would reach the semi-final of the Aberdeenshire Cup in what would be their only season as members of the

                        Aberdeenshire FA in the inaugrual season odf the association.


GAMES:          30th October 1886

                        Granite City 3, Our Boys' 0 (Our Boys' first recorded game)


                        27th November 1886

                        Our Boys' 2, Roseberry 1


                        3rd December 1887

                        Balmoral 0, Our Boys' 9 (Aberdeenshire Cup - 1st Round)


                        25th February 1888

                        Aberdeen 10, Our Boys' 2 (Aberdeenshire Cup - Semi-Final)  


FORMED:       I886

HISTORY:       Like a number of their counterparts, despite their contribution to the forming of the Aberdeenshire FA,  Albert failed to exist

                        beyond the end of the decade.


GAMES:          4th December 1886

                        Albert 2, Roseberry 1


                        26th March 1887

                        Albert 5, Bon Accord 0


                        3rd December 1887

                        Aberdeen 11, Albert 0 (Aberdeenshire Cup - 1st Round)


                        6th October 1888

                        Ellon 0, Albert 3 (Aberdeenshire Cup - 1st Round)  


                        17th November 1888

                        Black Diamond 5, Albert 2 (Aberdeenshire Cup - 2nd Round)


                        30th March 1889

                        Black Diamond 4, Albert 2 (Aberdeen Charity Cup - 1st Round)


FORMED:       I886

HISTORY:       Rosebery just like Albert participated in Association football in the early formation seasons but were no longer in existance by

                        season 1889/90.


GAMES:          27th November 1886

                        Our Boys' 2, Rosebery 1


                        29th January 1887

                        Rosebery 2, Albert 1


                        6th October 1888

                        St. George 1, Rosebery 5 (Aberdeenshire Cup - 1st Round)


                        17th November 1888

                       Aberdeen 23, Rosebery 0 (Aberdeenshire Cup - 2nd Round) 


FORMED:       I886

HISTORY:       Britannia like numerous other clubs made a fleeting appearance in the Aberdeenshire FA failing to survive beyond season



GAMES:          13th November 1886

                        Caledonian 5, Britannia 0


                        29th October 1887

                        Aberdeen 10, Britannia 0


                        6th October 1888

                        Caledonian 1, Britannia 4 (Aberdeenshire Cup - 1st Round)


                        17th November 1888

                        Port Elphinstone 3, Britannia 3 (Aberdeenshire Cup - 2nd Round) 


                        24th November 1888

                        Britannia 6, Port Elphinestone 1 (Aberdeenshire Cup - 2nd Round Replay)


                        8th December 1888

                        Black Diamond 4, Britannia 5 (Aberdeenshire Cup - 3rd Round)


                        19th January 1889

                        Aberdeen 6, Britannia 1 (Aberdeenshire Cup - Semi Final)


                        16th November 1889

                        Victoria United 8, Britannia 0 (Aberdeenshire Cup - 3rd Round)


FORMED:       I886

HISTORY:       Granite City merged with Aberdeen Rangers in December 1888 to form City Rangers.


GAMES:          13th November 1886

                        Granite City 1, Bon Accord 1


                        26th February 1887

                        Aberdeen 6, Granite City 0


                        3rd December 1887

                        Granite City 2, Aberdeen Rangers (Aberdeenshire Cup - 1st Round)


                        6th October 1888

                        Aberdeen Rangers 4, Granite City 2 (Aberdeenshire Cup - 1st Round) 




FORMED:       I887

HISTORY:       City Wanderers only existed for the one and only season and unfortunately there does not appear to be any records of games                               played during that season.


FORMED:       I886

HISTORY:       Balmoral only survived two seasons before going into abeyance.


GAMES:          8th January 1887

                        Caledonian 7, Balmoral 0


                        3rd December 1887

                        Balmoral 0, Our Boys' 9 (Aberdeenshire Cup - 1st Round)


                        6th October 1888

                        Aberdeen Rangers 4, Granite City 2 (Aberdeenshire Cup - 1st Round)           

One constant, ...and the real pioneers of the game in Aberdeen


Although the Aberdeenshire & District Football Association was formed in 1887 the University of Aberdeen has maintained a long term relationship despite not being founder members.


Undoubtedly the game of Association Football was originally pioneered by Universities the length and breadth of the country and Aberdeen was no different with The Chanonry being one of the first football grounds in the city before giving way to the current site of the Botanical Gardens.


The first reference to a University team was in January 1887 when they lost 8-0 to Aberdeen although many students would have suplemented other teams at that time and many of the team names have fleeting conections with academics. Indeed there is also one chain of thought that Elphinstone who joined the Association in 1888 was actually a University team and not from Port Elphinstone, Inverurie as documented in some history books.


Aberdeen University were due to make their full Aberdeenshire Cup debut against Aberdeen in 1890 but the students failed to raise a team. It would be December 1893 before they would compete in the competition making their debut in the semi-final no less going down 6-0 to Victoria United.


The University would go on to lift the cup almost 30 years later in season 1920/21. The students would also see their team elevated to membership of the Scottish Football FA which was maintained until the late 1970's before an administrative error saw their membership lapse. During this time Aberdeen University played their domestic football in the Amateur ranks enjoying varying success and locking horns with senior clubs on an annual basis in the Aberdeenshire Cup and the now defunct Scottish Qualifying Cup.


The University qualified for the Scottish Cup on three occaisions;


1907       Raith Rovers 5, Aberdeen University 1

1913       Aberdeen University 0, Peebles Rovers 3

1925       Dundee United 5, Aberdeen University 1


In 2012 Aberdeen University rejoined the Association and actively participate in the cup competitions and the Aberdeenshire League and in 2014 stepped up from the Amateur ranks to join the Scottish Junior FA.



Despite not being founder members of the Aberdeenshire Football Association arguably the real pioneers of Association Football in Aberdeen were Torry based club Victoria United. Established in 1889 Victoria United were by far the most forward thinking club of their time playing to crowds of thousands against the most prominant clubs at the time on both sides of the border. 


Victoria United were dissolved in 1903 when they merged with Orion and Aberdeen to form the Aberdeen Football Club that went on to join the Scottish Football League.



HONOURS:    Aberdeenshire Cup Winners

                        1891/92, 1892/93, 1893/94, 1895/96, 1899/00,                                1902/03


                        Charity Cup Winners

                        1890/91, 1891/92, 1894/95, 1896/97, 1898/99


                        Lord Provost Fleming Shield

                        1900/01, 1901/02


                        Gershon Cup Winners



                        Rhodesia Cup Winners

                        1900/01, 1902/03


                        Northern League Champions



1895 Medal.png


Victoria United's home ground regularly hosted crowds in excess of 2,000. 



GAMES:          6th August 1889

                        Victoria United 0, Glasgow Celtic 10


                        2nd January 1890

                        Victoria United 0, Partick Thistle 2


                        9th May 1891

                        Victoria United 2, Orion 1 (Charity Cup Final -  Replay)  


                        13th February 1892

                        Aberdeen 0, Victoria United 2 (Aberdeenshire Cup - Final)


                        30th April 1892

                        Victoria United 3, Orion 0 (Charity Cup Final)


                        20th May 1892

                        Victoria United 1, Heart of Midlothian 3


                        28th May 1892

                        Victoria United 7, Queen's Park 0


                        5th August 1893

                        Victoria United 6, Greenock Morton 3


                        25th May 1896

                        Victoria United 4, Glasgow Celtic 2


                        28th April 1897

                        Victoria United 0, Liverpool 1


                        19th April 1898

                        Victoria United 1, Sheffield United 0